National Audubon Society Member

The grand and unique buildings that make up the Chicago skyline may be beautiful for us humans to look at, but for birds, they can be lethal. The glass windows and doors on these buildings reflect the sky back to birds, and they often end up colliding with them. Fortunately, with bird safety window film, you can reduce bird injury and death as well as damage to your building.

At Comfort Zone Window Tinting, we can provide and install bird strike prevention film on Chicago building windows and glass doors. Our dedicated team operates according to the highest standards, so you can be sure your building will be protected and look amazing long after product installation.

Bird Safety Film & Bird Strike Prevention in Chicago

According to an ordinance by the City Council, buildings over 10,000 square feet and other large structures must now include safety features, such as dots, lines, or other patterns, in some of their windows to reduce the risk of bird collision. We are happy to help you meet this requirement with our bird strike prevention films.

These films are highly visible to birds but hardly noticeable to humans, meaning there will be no aesthetic sacrifice to make your building safer for birds and other animals. A Comfort Zone Window Tinting specialist will come to your building in Chicago for an initial site visit, then return for product installation based on what you need.

We are members of the National Audubon Society, so bird safety is especially important to our company. You can be sure we use the highest quality bird safety window products and the most effective installation methods.

For more information about our bird strike prevention films for Chicago buildings or to request a free estimate, contact Comfort Zone Window Tinting today!