National Audubon Society Member

Windows aren’t something you think of as dangerous, but for many birds, they are the ultimate hazard. The reflective glass fools them into thinking they’re flying into more open sky when really, they’re about to experience a painful, and often fatal, collision. Not only is this tragic for our local birds, but it’s also inconvenient for building owners who must handle the aftermath.

As the largest window installer in Madison and Milwaukee, Comfort Zone Window Tinting has the solution you need to prevent bird strikes—bird safety window film. Our bird safety film will protect birds from your windows and your windows from damage to keep your building looking great.

Bird Safety Film & Bird Strike Prevention in Madison & Milwaukee

Bird strike prevention film is manufactured to make glass windows visible to birds and prevent collisions without changing the appearance of your building. Humans will barely notice it, but for birds, it will be a lifesaver. Bird deterrent window films also make your building safer for other animals and even distracted humans that may not notice a closed glass door or window.

Comfort Zone Window Tinting has many years of experience installing window products in Milwaukee and Madison and can install your bird strike prevention film quickly, effectively, and safely. We are equipped to treat windows on all types of buildings, including Chicago skyscrapers, universities, and other commercial properties. As a member of the National Audubon Society, bird safety is important to us, and we are happy to install anti-bird strike films to prevent unnecessary bird injury and death.

Additionally, the City Council has adopted an ordinance that requires buildings over 10,000 square feet and other large structures to include safety features that reduce bird-window collision. Our team of professional installers can help ensure you meet this requirement and maintain the quality appearance of your building.

Make your Milwaukee or Madison building safer for birds and less likely to be damaged with bird strike prevention film from Comfort Zone Window Tinting. Contact us today to get started with a free estimate!